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Highpak can bring quality, flexibility, efficiency, and economy to your business!

Highpak specialises in  lensed fiber, lab research equipment, innovative package and handling solutions for crystal, wafer, filter, chip, optical glass and delicate optoelectronic devices. Currently we have twelve product categories: lensed fiber, lensed fiber assembly,  medical fiber, holding jumper, lab research equipment, gelpak  sticky carrier, membrane box,  wafer carrier, IC tray, tweezers, butterfly package, and submount & C-mount. We also provide OEM packaging services, e.g. butterfly, TO-CAN, lasers, photodetectors, etc.

Highpak's products have been endorsed by world-wide customers including JDSU, Finisar, Hitachi, Olympus  since 1995.....  

Gel Sticky Carrier: choice of colour, retention grade
Gel Sticky Carrier
Membrane Box: choice of size, shape
Membrane Box
Wafer Carrier: choice of size, shape
Wafer Carrier
Package: choice of size, speed

Button Cell Battery R&D Equipment
Button Cell Battery

Tweezers: choice of types and tips

Medical Fibre: choice of length & diameters
Medical Fibre
Lensed Fibre: choice of types of lens, assembly
Lensed Fibre
Hoghpower Fibre
Highpower fibre
Lensed Fibre: choice of types of lens, assembly

Module Carrier: choice of size and shape
Module Carrier

Others: choice of different products