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We provide:  High power fibre & High power fibre-coupled laser diode /module


1. High power fibre coupled laser diode:

High power fibre coupled laser diodes /modules are made from multimode diode lasers, fibre combiners and extendible body case. Cooling options:  water-cooling and air-cooling modes;  The high power fibre-coupled laser diodes/module provide  high quality laser beam  and cost effective pump source for laser pumping.

     High power and high brightness
     High coupling efficiency
     Single fibre output
     Wavelengths: 780-1450nm
     Output Fibre core diameter: 125um-1000um
     Power output up to 500W
     Water-cooling and air-cooling
     Extendible module design

7 to 1 laser module

     Fibre laser pumping
     Solid-state laser pumping
     Laser printing
     Fibre amplifier
     Laser illuminates

19 to 1 laser module

General specifications

19 to 1 laser module and air-cooling

Fibre type

200 μm to 1500 μm diameter core sizes

Jacket type

PVC loose tube with Kevlar
Stainless steel ripple armoured
Wrapped plastic stainless steel armoured


Customer requirement


Compatible with SMA-905 and FC connector
Customer requirement


2.  High-power fibre jumpers-SMA-905


  • Precision machined fibre end face, and high optical damage threshold
  • Metallization and epoxy-free technology
  • Parts fixing by laser welding
  • The concentricity  of the ferrule are controlled within 5Ám


3. High power fibre

It is suitable for pumping source, medical laser, industrial laser processing and other fields
Fibre Type  Single refractive index fiber(200~1000Ám)
 Double refractive index fiber(200~1000Ám)

 Shell type  φ4 stainless steel ripple shell
 φ6 stainless steel ripple shell
 φ4 wrapped plastic stainless steel ripple shell
 φ6 wrapped plastic stainless steel ripple shell
 φ6 PVC shell
Handling  Optical facet  processed by proprietary techniques
Metallisation  on request
Connector type  SMA-905 disassembled connector
 FC disassembled connector
 Customer requirement