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Highpak provides customised fibre needles and holding jumpers!

Nowadays diode lasers are used in a variety of areas in dentistry such as: restorative, implants, prosthetics, preventive, orthodontics, and periodontics. 532nm green laser is widely used in the nebulization and cutting of blood-containing tissues.

Soft tissue diode lasers provide a multitude of solutions and the ideal alternative to conventional surgical methods like the scalpel, electrocautery, and electrosurge. Some of the advantages are  relatively bloodless surgical sites, the capability of working around metal (implants, amalgam, gold, orthodontic brackets, etc.), less post-surgical discomfort and pain, minimal swelling and scarring, minimal or no suturing, more predictable tissue response, and greater precision. 

Fibre needle can have various diameters: for example: 400μm, 300μm and 200μm, and the exposed length: 5mm, 10mm and 20mm respectively. The smaller the fibre core, the greater the laser energy density. We can customise fibre needles, if required.

The holding jumper employs unique design to ensure good coupling & transmission of high-power laser beam. The holding jumper can guarantee seamless connection for 6 sleeve positions. 


The coupling efficiency of holding jumper for 400μm fibre needle can reach 85%, for 300μm fibre needle 80%, and 200μm fibre needle 50%.